Hi! I'm Elis, I'm 27 years old and I'm a self-taught photographer. I was born in Albania but I've been living in Tuscany for more than 20 years now. The place where I live is determinant for my photographic activity, since landscapes are my favorite subject. I love light more than everything else, since light is what gives life to pictures, turning what's common into something wonderful...to catch this light I use excellent devices, so to make everyone looking at my pictures feel the same magic that struck me in that moment. Light is everywhere, and this is why I don't only take pictures of landscapes, but I love to experiment on many subjects, I try and catch light on faces, details, flowers and so on...
My passion for photography and for filming was born when I was a kid, and I've always been the guy taking pictures or filming at home, I've always loved to catch what we can call "particles" of life, to be able to experience again those moments, anytime I'd want. In the last years, I've invested for this passion more and more resources, in order to improve my skills, learning from best teachers and putting all my efforts into this, in a continuous challenge with myself! I'm happy and satisfied for having managed all this as a self-taught. Curiosity and will to learn are the engine moving my passion, they are what pushes me forward, always a step further. I know I can go up and up, improve and do better, so I don't want to stop!
Rely on me since I believe passion, determination and skill are the starting points for a good work, and they are my strengths. I'm ready to go beyond your expectations and reach the best result with you!
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